How To Increase Your House’s Value

How To Increase Your House’s Value

Selling the house is the most difficult thing of all. You have to go through a lot of hassle, attract potential buyers, do a bit of sprucing up your house, then it’s time negotiations as you will not be willing to sell at a lower price and the buyer won’t budge from their place either. This is a long process and it might take even years. To prevent this, you can sell your house to fast house buyers, as they will buy your house instantly and will pay you 100% cash. But even if you want to sell your house to fast house buyers, you will have to attract them. To attract the buyers, you will have to increase the value if your house as well. The are many ways in which you can add value to your house.

1- Enhance the Aesthetic Features

Remember, the first impression is always the last impression. The whole outlook and curb appeal of your house are extremely important. No one would like a broken entranceway or overgrown shrubs and weeds and unkempt bushes and a peeling paint and cracks. These things will surely turn off any buyer. Whatever you spend on these things, 70 to 80% of these would be added to your house value.

2. Go for Additions and Renovations Side by Side

You might be confused as to get renovations done or to concentrate on the decor of the house to add value. But you will be surprised to know that a little bit of both will surely increase the value of your house. Do not rush into things and take one step at a time. Do one renovation or one addition per month and you will be surprised to know the influx of fast house buyers.

3. Put Yourself Away

Your house is yours and you have lived in it for many years but now you have taken it out on the market to sell. You will have to depersonalize your house now as no buyer would like a house that has your memories. Wipe off all your personal photographs and memories such as your medals and prized possessions. Make it clear and think from buyer’s perspective.

4. Make Space

You might have made adjustments to your house according to your preferences. But now it’s time to remove the extra added wall or the extra wardrobe or that play area you created for your children. Buyers prefer a spacious house so that they can make additions according to their own wishes.

5. Concentrate on The Bathroom and Kitchen

You tend to leave the most important part of the house that is the kitchen and bathroom. Believe it or not but clean and proper bathrooms and a luxury kitchen immediately propel buyers to buy the house. Concentrate on the faucets and doorknobs and keep your bathroom and kitchen sparkling clean.

6. Declutter

Imagine you are going on a round to see houses for buying, would you buy a messy and dirty house? Would you buy a house that is full of clutter and extra gunk which you do not need? It is true that a house can never be clean enough but you can at least clean it to the maximum. A clean and decluttered house attracts many fast house buyers.




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