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I Don’t Always Wanna Buy A House, But When I Do…

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // March 23, 2018

Our Current Project : 4108 Mesa Lane, Liverpool, NY 13090 Are you looking for a house around this area ? Click on the image to see our new project ! As always, if you need any assistance, buying or selling your next home, contact us at Blue Eyes Properties, LLC, (315)288-3737 and we’ll help you […]

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What Is The Quickest Way To Sell A House?

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // March 21, 2018

There can be any circumstances in which you might need to sell my house fast. As grown up adults, we dream of owning our home and once we are able to do that – we only dream of getting a house even bigger or better. Hence, the need to sell my house fast steps in […]

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Top 6 House Improvements That Won’t Increase The Value Of Your House

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // March 19, 2018

When you are preparing to sell the house and want to attract fast house buyers – it doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all to make some quick (even if expensive) upgradations to the house. The entire thing is being done to attract fast house buyers after all – or so you think! In […]

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Hey folks if you are looking at this page you might either be in a situation you need to get out of fast! ( like I was). Or you’re looking to buy a home. Either way. I can tell you look no further. These guys are the best ( and I say “ these guys” because you work directly with the owners). There are no secretaries, answering machines, and waiting for return calls. The owner gives you his cell number and they work with you on YOUR time. They say they will meet you or call and they will do it when they say they will. FAST FRIENDLY FAIR HONEST. I can’t say enough. They helped me out of a nightmare situation with my house and they were not only professional they were kind and understanding.

~Lori B.

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