Traditional Home Selling vs Selling To An Investor

Traditional Home Selling vs Selling To An Investor

Your home selling experience can be better or sometimes worse if you are unaware of the entire process. For your sake, you must know the typical selling process that actually fits your situation.


If you are in a desperate situation and looking for a quicker option that serves your purpose best, maybe “selling my home to an investor” would be your solution.  Blue Eyes Properties, LLC, is one such investment company. Or if you are not in a hurry, you just want to sell your property in a normal way; you can look for another option. In this article we will try to illustrate both options: the quick selling benefits and traditional selling benefits, you have to determine the option that is suitable for you. From this article, you can make a comparison between two options and understand why should you go for selling your home to an investor? For more information just click this link: Blue Eyes Properties, LLC.


How selling my home to an investor benefits me:


Faster Process

We, as investors, are ready to make your process hassle-free, fast and simple. We are ready to buy your home in cash and close the deal as quick as possible. This can be quite the advantage especially if you are in a situation where you need to sell your property very fast, or if it won’t pass conventional inspections. We present you with a no-obligation cash offer.  In many cases you will end the closing in a couple of weeks or less.


No need to stage or fix your home:

In this option, you sell your home as it is. You don’t need to change anything; simply show your property and let the investor make an offer right away.  You sell your property as-is, no repairs needed, in any condition. This option would be your better solution to deal with your situation.


No commission fees:

Selling your home to an investor, you don’t need to pay any commission to anyone. If you sell us your property you get your money on hand.  Much quicker than a traditional sale. Consider this: Let’s say the home would sell (Potentially) after sitting on the market for 6 months or more for $220,000, that means you have 6 months of maintenance, taxes, insurances, upkeep, and unknowns to deal with.  That’s not to mention the stress of appraisals, and a litany of ‘professionals’ from the mortgage company looking at the house. At the end of the (Potential) 6 months, you finally arrive at a closing. There, you turn over (in this case) $13,200 (6%) to the Real Estate Brokers, plus filing fees, legal fees, and any other fees that may be appropriate.  The same house, closed 5 ½ months quicker, may actually net the seller more than the bottom line, considering the wait.


Ability to avoid foreclosure: 

If you are behind on your mortgage payment and your lender is threatening you for a foreclosure on your property you are in a stressful situation. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate more favorable loan terms with your lenders hoping that it will decrease the financial burden and you will be able to keep the house. Selling your home to an investor like us gives you a chance to avoid foreclosure having cash in hand to move on with.


Help with inherited and left out property:

If your house is inherited and not taken care of for a long time, and vulnerable to theft, or damage due to lack of maintenance.  This, in turn, will result in depreciation and it makes it more difficult if you want to make it ready for a sale. If your case is such, we assist you to get out of the situation. We can buy your forlorn home and even arrange for a moving company to help you clear out the house. We can assist you in navigating the legal process if you have inherited the house without a will and are working through title, lien or tax issues.


No investment and hassle for cleaning: 

You don’t need to clean your house you don’t need to go through home staging. You don’t need to invest extra money  for beautifying your home for selling. We take all the responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance of your house. If you are interested in selling to a home investor today, like Blue Eyes Properties, LLC, we will assess your house within a very short period. You could receive the fairest cash offer possible on the spot and close within a little time frame.

If, the quick sale process is for you as far as you are facing problems in your life or any issues that compel you to sell your property fast, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. 


Traditional home selling experience:

Find the reason why are you selling:

First of all, identify the reason why are you selling your home. If you are 100% sure of the reason you are selling, then you may proceed further. So take your time, figure out the exact reason: are you selling your home for upsizing, downsizing, making a profit, job transfer, location change, or you are in a retirement plan? Which one fits you best?  Then, decide to list your home for sale


Get the experts’ help: 

Once you have decided, completely, to sell your property, you have to take many things into consideration; you have to focus on several factors to make sure that your selling process will run smoothly, and it will be the best option for you. Selling a home is not as simple as you expect, rather it may appear to be very daunting if you are not rightly guided. Here you need the real estate experts; you need for proper guidance for your house sale.


Consider the right price: 

Since your concern is to find a serious buyer, you have to be very careful about your price tag for your home. You have to put a reasonable price so that your buyer can easily compare and end up having a decision on buying your property. Don’t put your price too high or too low – make it considerable since many options are out there for the buyers.


Stage your home and make it appealing:

Try your best to make your home catchy in the buyer’s eyes. You are going to display it, so make it ready with every bits and piece. Put enough furniture in every room. Try to maximize the internal space to make it more appealing.  Get a professional photographer to take pictures. You’re buyer’s first impressions will be with your pictures. Don’t skimp here.


Give your house a deep clean:

Cleanliness attracts your potential buyers. So be careful about your dirty floor, foul smell, and dusty surfaces. Before listing your home give it a deep clean. Consider calling a professional if you need one to get the best results. Clean the toilets, bathrooms, basins, mop the floors, clean the rugs and finally leave your home in an appealing condition.


Call a handyman:  

Make sure everything is fixed properly. Don’t forget the lock, hardware, leaky faucets, running toilets, cracks in the walls, broken appliances, and squeaky doors. These are all that brings the attention of potential buyers. So, call a handyman to fix all the problems.  Anything that hasn’t been updated in over 5 years, will knock the value down for a potential buyer.


Call a good photographer:

Since you are going to display your home for sale, a professional photographer can do a lot to make it happen.

A good presentation of your home can bring you more potential buyers, and good photography is worth doing that perfectly. So, find a professional photographer to serve your purpose.


Put into MLS listing:

Since you are ready with your home grooming, it is the time now for putting your home in the MLS listing to find your potential buyer. And if you have found the potential buyer you may proceed further. You need your home inspection; you may need state attorney or title company and many to go through the whole process.


Do the paperwork:

Don’t leave the paperwork undone. Check everything carefully so that you don’t forget anything related to the selling process.

Figure out if you have any issues with a mortgage or any liability with others related to the property.  Don’t forget a title search. Also, if not hiring an agent, consider E&O insurance.


Close your home selling:

Finally, you are going to close your home selling if everything is fine. You may have to wait a long time to end up making and preparing all the papers needed and the process you must go through.  After all, we can say, traditional home selling option is not for you if you are going through the detrimental situation and you need a faster option to close your sale fast. Selling my home to an investor” is your perfect way to go. Just click this link to contact us: Blue Eyes Properties, LLC.  Or call us today, (941)216-5657


As always, if you need any assistance, buying or selling your next home, contact us at Blue Eyes Properties, LLC, (941)216-5657 and we’ll help you any way we can. You can also email us at 315homebuyers@gmail.com


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