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6 Reasons Your House Is Not Getting Sold

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // July 29, 2019 // Featured // house selling tips / sell my house without realtors / sellers hot tips / sellers tips / selling a home / selling house / selling property / selling real estate / selling tips

1. Not Enough Pictures Are Uploaded Pictures are the basic and first thing which are seen by potential buyers when it comes to a house. Obviously, house is something which is bought once in years so people tend to consider several factors before looking for one. When you do not upload enough pictures of your […]

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5 Terrible House Selling Mistakes

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // July 26, 2019 // Featured // Blue Eyes Properties / selling a home / selling house / selling house mistakes / selling house tips / selling property / selling real estate real estate tips / selling tips / we sell homes

1. Put Up the Offer without Fixing Things Do you think that considering to sell my Ft Myers house fast without fixing that broken waterline or broken chandelier is a good idea? Well I would say it’s not! I know you must be worried about the extra bucks you will have to spend to repair […]

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How To Show Your House To Buyers

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // December 3, 2018 // Featured // Blog / Blue Eyes Properties / blue eyes property / business tips / business tips real estate tips / buyer tips / buyers hot tips / buyers tips / buying real estate / buying tips / cny home / CNY home for sale / CNY house / cny real estate / cny remodeled home / hot buying tips / hot tips / house selling tips / marketing tips / property business tips / property buying tips / property tips / property tips real estate tips / property tips. selling house in New York / Real Estate / real estate agent / real estate agent cny / real estate agent tips / real estate agents / real estate auction / real estate blog / Real Estate Boom / real estate broker / real estate business / real estate buying tips / real estate cny / real estate company / real estate facts / real estate for sale / Real Estate Investing / real estate investor / real estate investors / real estate market / real estate meme / real estate NY / real estate nyc / real estate tips / real estateagent / realtor / realtor meme / realtors tips / rel estate tips / secret tips / seller tips / sellers hot tips / sellers tips / selling house tips / selling real estate / selling real estate real estate tips / selling tips / tips / tips for buying house

Are you planning to sell your house for good profit margin? If yes, then you can follow these amazing tips for a perfect sale deal. The following are some of the best tips by which you can effectively show your house to buyers because you can’t just say buy my house fast…youhave to impress your […]

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