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What Sells A House Fast

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // July 25, 2019 // Featured // Blue Eyes Properties / buying house / Featured / sell us your house / selling a house / selling a house on your own / selling a house quick / selling house / selling house tips

1. Getting Your Hands on a Top Real Estate Agent When you want to sell your house quickly other than contacting fast home buyers, one of the options you can go for is setting an appointment with a famous and top selling real estate agent. These agents are more likely to advertise your house and […]

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7 Helpful House Selling Hacks

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // January 23, 2019 // Featured // Blue Eyes Properties / blue eyes property / contact us at Blue Eyes Properties / contact us blue eyes properties / Featured / Real Estate / real estate agent / real estate agent cny / real estate agent tips / real estate agents / real estate auction / Real Estate Boom / real estate broker / real estate business / real estate buying tips / real estate cny / real estate company / real estate facts / real estate for sale / Real Estate Investing / real estate investor / real estate investors / real estate market / real estate meme / real estate NY / real estate nyc / real estate tips / real estateagent / realtor / realtor meme / realtors tips / sell house for cash / sell my house without realtors / sell real estate / sell us your house / seller tips / sellers hot tips / Sellers market / sellers tips / selling a distressed home / selling a home in the winter / selling a house on your own / selling in today's real estate market / selling property / selling ranch / selling real estate / selling real estate real estate tips / selling without realtor / selling your home / selling your home for cash / sellingr real estate

If you want to know how to sell house fast, this post is going to help you with cool house selling hacks. 1. Maximize Space There are so many other things you should do to know how to sell house fast but this is the most important one. The space in your house has a […]

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I need to buy a house!

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // March 6, 2018 // Featured // Ads / Featured / I buy houses / Linda buys houses / sell me your house / sell us your house / we buy houses

Our latest (4108 Mesa) is under contract, our North Syracuse Ranch (16 Lee Terrace) should be well under way this week, so inventory is low             Therefor, we will pay….yes, pay, if you send us a house that we buy           Simply send an email to: […]

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