How To Pull Off House Buying And Selling At The Same Time

How To Pull Off House Buying And Selling At The Same Time

If you are to buy and sell a house at once, what will you do first? Buy the house,If yes? Then where will the down payment come from? And if you opt for sellingfirst then where will you live till you get the house you like? Let us help.

If you have certain things clear in your head then the path will be as easy as piefor you. The certain things are:

  1. Your financial status
  2. The local housing markets
  3. Letting go of your house with our knowing where the future will take you.

Here we have perfect explanation with regards to usual scenarios when you buy andsell at the same time and what to do in such situation. This happens a lot when people want to ‘sell my house fast’.

1. When you are stuck in a market where it can take a year to buy a house

Here you will need to sell house fast, before thinking about buying. It’s hard to move one time let alone twice but you don’t have another option. It’s difficultto find a buyer who will accept the contingency offer. Selling first and buying later is your only option. Rent on a monthly basis. This will keep you free of any contract and you can move in as soon as get yourself a new home. You will also have a huge advantage this way, because you can make an offer there and then you will have an edge over other buyers. You can stage the place or hire a stager to sell house fast.

2. When you have enough funds

This situation calls for buying first. The best part is you will have to move one time only, and that too in a place you like and have selected yourself. For most people this isn’t an option because, their down payment comes from the house they are to sell. But if you have enough funds you should definitely buy first. The advantage here is that you can stage your house and the buyer can see its full potential when it fully vacant. This way you can sell house fast.

3. When you need to move to a new city in three months for work or such

In this situation you will need to sell first. This is tricky because you will be selling the house while you are actually living in it. Buyers will comes see it every other day. So, the best thing you can do is, declutter your house. Get rid of everything you don’t plan on taking to the new city.

Hire a stager to get the best out of your house for ‘sell my house fast’. If you get an offer really fast you will need to negotiate the closing time that matches your leaving time to the new city. Advantage: selling first means that you will need to rent in the new city, which means you can understand the lay out of the new city, which can help you buy the perfect place in the perfect neighborhood.

To cap it all, know your market, assess your situation smartly and then decide accordingly.


As always, if you need any assistance, buying or selling your next home, contactus at Blue Eyes Properties, LLC, (315)288-3737 and we’ll help you any way we can. You can also email us at 315homebuyers@gmail.com


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