6 Wicked Tricks Real Estate Agents Play

6 Wicked Tricks Real Estate Agents Play

Many people manage to sell house without anagent while others fail to find clients without real estate agents. However, when you are going with a real estate agent, take care of the following tricks they usually play with the buyers and the sellers.

1. They Use Creative Words to Hide Facts

The real estate agents often play with the clients. They use their words very carefully trying to hide flaws in a house or property. The words like charming, cozy, and such others don’t really mean the same thing. They are like old and small houses. Whenever you check an advertisement, try to read that with care and check the photos of the building or house you want to try.

2. They Promise More Than You Get

This problem has been noticed by many sellers and buyers. Usually, the buy suffers the most. People who buy a house without an agent really play safe because the agents promise what they can’t ensure. Their words are tricky and they promise to deliver everything. But when the buyer shifts in the house and time comes for their promises, they turn their back leaving the client disappointed.

3. They Don’t Tell if a House is Haunted

The sellers have strict warnings for the agents that they can’t reveal if the house is haunted. They can tell you if there is any physical default or damage but will never share the information like the house is haunted and the people living before left the house for the very reason. You should be careful because you are going to live there and have to pay a huge amount. You may talk to the people living in the neighborhood and confirm in such cases.

4. They Create False Sense of Urgency

This is a very serious issue. Most of the agents are in a hurry and inform the buyers that someone else has already confirmed to buy the house if they are not fine with it. Now, the new buyers even if they like the house, leave it without purchasing or they pay more than the actual amount in order to cease the deal. You should be really careful because agents know how to play with a buyer.

5. They Ask to Sign an Agreement

This is the dirtiest trick any real estate agent can play with his clients. They demand their clients to sign longer agreements and after signing, the buyer or the seller is bound to follow it and live with that agent. They can do nothing if they are unhappy with the real estate agent. That cause a lot of other issues. Take care of this matter and sign an agreement after taking your time. This makes us buy or sell house without an agent.

6. They Stretch Marking Truths

A successful real estate agent knows how to manipulate the people and buyers. They share wrong and false facts regarding how valuable your house will be in next few years, how it will attract more buyers and how you can make a huge amountof money by selling it. They just play with the buyers and have no concern what happens to the house or the buyer once the agreement is done.

So, it is better to buy or sell house without an agent to keep yourself safe.


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