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Need to 💲sell💲 a house🏡? Let us answer❓️ your questions🙋!

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // September 13, 2019

We buy houses SW Florida

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Home Improvements You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // November 18, 2019

Home improvement shows have undergone a meteoric rise in popularity, which has fueled a DIY craze among design-savvy homeowners. People looking to channel their inner creativity and to save money are tackling a range of projects, from bathroom remodels to cabinet refacing and more. Fixing up your home with your own two hands undoubtedly fills […]

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What You Need to Know About Selling a House During a Divorce

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // November 16, 2019

Divorces are common these days, with as many as 45% of all United States marriages ending in divorce, according to McKinley Irvin Family Law. Unfortunately, this can cause an incredible degree of stress and complication, particularly when it comes to disposing of a major financial asset like a house. Selling a house is hard enough […]

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The Biggest Roadblocks to Selling Your Property

Posted by George Pinkasiewicz // November 13, 2019

Everyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows how complicated it can be under the best of circumstances, but sometimes, life or the housing market can throw so many curve balls at you that it can make this already complicated process almost unbearable. Here is a quick look at three of the biggest […]

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Hey folks if you are looking at this page you might either be in a situation you need to get out of fast! ( like I was). Or you’re looking to buy a home. Either way. I can tell you look no further. These guys are the best ( and I say “ these guys” because you work directly with the owners). There are no secretaries, answering machines, and waiting for return calls. The owner gives you his cell number and they work with you on YOUR time. They say they will meet you or call and they will do it when they say they will. FAST FRIENDLY FAIR HONEST. I can’t say enough. They helped me out of a nightmare situation with my house and they were not only professional they were kind and understanding.

~Lori B.

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