Types Of Real Estate Agents

Types Of Real Estate Agents

If you are a first time buyer or seller, you can be overwhelmed by the primary fact that you also have to choose amongst the types of real estate agents to work with one. People who have no prior knowledge or experience to sell house without an agent or buy one, for that matter, can be confused by the fact that there are different types of real estate agents that are available for you to choose from. It is ideally not a great idea to sell house without an agent and buy one too. Therefore, let’s take a look at the different types of real estate agents that offer different services and have varying roles to play.

1. Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is a professional expert who is only involved in assisting the buyers of property. So the buyer agent will represent the buying party, guide them step by step throughout the buying procedure and help them successfully close a deal on a worthy property. The buyer agent will take care of all documentation on your behalf as well and negotiate prices along with paperwork management.

2. Seller’s Agent

A seller’s agent just as the name suggests works from the selling side of the party. So he will provide you expert assistance to put up your property on the market for sale as well as close a deal on a good price. The seller agent will also be the one to make all communications with the other party.

3. Dual Agent

A dual agent is a professional agent who is involved in a property deal from both sides of the party. So the agent will be involved in representing your sales and will also be assisting the counter party in the purchase process. The dual agent basically takes care of dual responsibilities on his shoulder as he performs the role of both buyers of property and sellers too.

4. Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is very different from a real estate agent. A broker belongs to a very separate group of professionals. The real estate brokers are registered members of the authorized association of the real brokers. These are professional experts who reach this stage by qualifying in exam to reach this point. These individuals have had the privilege of getting education and experience in this field. A real estate broker can also fully run a real estate firm or company. However, in a team of multiple real estate agents – there can only be one real estate broker. You can think to sell house without an agent but it is never advised to do so without the aid of a broker.

 5. Transaction Coordinator 

A transaction coordinator is a professional expert but is not exactly considered to be a real estate agent. However, a transaction coordinator is a person who is involved in the administrative processes and assists the agents and brokers in functionality. These are basically the experts who are involved in taking care of all documentation processes as well as legal proceedings.



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