Steps To Selling A House By Owner – Without A Realtor

Steps To Selling A House By Owner – Without A Realtor


One of the best investments you can ever make in your life is to own a home. When the time is well, you can sell it off for optimum profit. However, sometimes it is annoying to go through the process.

In normal cases, most deals are made in presence of a realtor. A realtor will connect the buyer and the seller and receive lots of cash from both parties.

Want to sell without a realtor. How to pull to off? Well…We have compiled up a small but comprehensive list of activities you can do to get the best profit.

1. Cash Home Buyers

If you want to sell without a realtor to save up cash, try going for the option of cash home buyers. These are investors who are ready to invest in your property. They offer instant buying and instant cash.

Many cash home buying companies offer a little less cash, but it is readily available. If you don’t want to invest in home repairs and urgently want quick cash, it is recommended to deal with cash home buyers.

Since you would sell without a realtor, you will also save money, which otherwise would have gone to commission.

2. Hold An Open House

This step is recommended to attract both, cash home buyers and traditional buyers. Hold an open house. Do lots of publicity and create a hype in the community.

Every visitor who will visit your property, would be a potential buyer. Often, people from cash buying companies come for a visit and they have cash, ready at hand.

At a time of crisis, every penny being offered is a blessing. Your daughter’s college fee – your wife’s diamond necklace – your son’s new entrepreneurial startup. These things are costly and require quick selling of your property. Holding an open house is a good way to attract cash home buying companies, which would help you sell the house without a realtor. As compared to traditional buyers, these companies offer fair dealings with instant cash. Their employees can be found in almost all types of communities. Holding an open house will likely attract them.

3. Market Yourself On Social Media

Give ads on Craigslist and FSBO. These are some of the largest advertisement websites. Also, don’t forget the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the list is endless.

If you want to sell without a realtor and cannot find serious buyers, try connecting with cash home buying companies on social media. Message those companies which are present in your community.

You will get loads of friendly response, as these cash home buying companies are readily looking for people, who quickly want to sell their home. Good rates will be offered by them and since they are a company, they naturally would want to make their name in free market too, so expect a fair deal with very remote chances of any fraud being involved.

However, to protect the interest of both parties, it is advised to strongly check the credentials of any cash home buying company before making any sort of deal.


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