How To Sell House Without A Realtor

How To Sell House Without A Realtor

Selling a house without a realtor can help you in avoiding commissions or equity they require for their part in selling your house. It just takes a little work and if you manage it, you can walk away with thousands of dollars in your pocket. The procedure is simple and easy to follow.


Once you decide on selling your house then the first step is to price your house. However, be a bit considerate when doing so, this doesn’t mean you sell your property for half of its worth. Check the prices of houses near you on the internet or consult with a real estate agent, simply get an idea and then give a price to your house.


Since you’re selling your house without a realtor, therefore this step is a must for you, advertise your property, make brochures, make a website or list your property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Talk about the house, include details like the number of bedrooms, pool, backyard etc. also mention the special features of your house and the location it is at. If you sell your house without a realtor, you’ll realize it’s the marketing that helped you in doing so.

Add Necessary Details

Add all the possible details, the roads near your house, the schools and markets etc. Since people looking for a house might not be familiar with your area therefore including such details will help them and guide them in their purchase. Also, having a location which is close to the town or the main places can help you in your price as well. Such houses which are close to all the possible necessary places get sold in high rates.

Remodel Your House

Even if you don’t sell the house without a realtor, you’ll still be required to do this. Renovate your house a little meaning fix anything which requires fixing. Maybe the windows or the floor might be a bit broken, or the walls will have their paint worn off. Little minor details that need fixing, do them so as to create a good impression of your house. Fix the lawn and the curb so that a person upon first glance appears a bit impressed.

Hosts, People

Open your house for hosts or people to see so that they can see the house for themselves. Clean your house before you open it to other people. Tell them about the problems you have with the house because upon discovering later, you can be subjected to a lawsuit. To sell a house without a realtor, one needs to wise so make sure you don’t open your house to everybody. Look for genuine people so as to avoid any problems.


Negotiate with the people yourself and thoroughly read the entire contract, ask the possible questions you have, discuss everything with your buyers. Be patient, don’t rush into anything and give them time to come up with terms. To sell a house without an agent, negotiations can go for long time but eventually you’ll be satisfied when disclosing the deal.

Final Verdict

Go through the following steps if you want to sell your house without a realtor, be patient, pick good timings and keep the weather in mind when you’re planning on selling the house. Spring is usually the ideal time, as schools are also closed or a new term is about to begin and the weather is pleasant also your house will look good. Look for time suitable to you though. You’ll probably enjoy doing the estate work by yourself so best of luck.


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