9 Bizarre House Selling Stories

9 Bizarre House Selling Stories

You obviously want to sell house fast, however; there is more than what meets the eye. In the market, not everyone is as similar as you and you need to look out for frauds, scams and good offers to invest in.

Following are some bizarre house selling stories:

1. Writings on The Wall

Once, a real estate agent went to an empty house in Geneva, Illinois. The house seemed ordinary, except there was a writing on the wall which stated not to buy this house and that the house is accompanied by ghosts.

This was written on the kitchen wall and it left the realtor spooked.

2. Rat Traps

In one incident, a realtor found a large house with a strange policy. There were rat traps placed in all rooms.

Definitely, not a good place to live especially if there is danger of being infested with rats.

3. Too Much Debris

To sell house fast, most of owners do not clear the trash. They don’t realize that if they pay few extra bucks to a professional renovation company, their house can attract a lot of new customers.

A realtor relates his story by going to a house and him, finding it difficult to traverse through the main living room.


Because there was trash everywhere. Even after filling three dumpsters and one truck, it had not gone pleasant enough to view the entire main floor.

4. Creepy Dolls

An agent narrates his experience of creepy dolls inside the house. The house he went in was built around 1900. He went in a house which had an attic area, near the stairway.

At the top of stairway, there was a creepy doll, resting on a rocking chair. If you went on top of all the stairs, you were then greeted by 10 – 15 creepy dolls, all sitting on rocking chairs.

5. Dead Animals

A realtor went with a client to an old Victorian house which did not have lights. With the help of flashlights, they went inside the house.

They spotted two dead raccoons. Feeling grossed from the environment, the client did not buy the house.

6. Closet Surprise

An agent found a skeleton inside a closet. An actual skeleton inside a closet.

7. Vampire in the House?

An agent claimed that her client is a vampire. When asked about, she gave justification by making the client observe the strange placement of bed as well as several layers of thick curtains, which acted as obstruction towards the light source.

8. Odd Secret Room

In one of the properties of a very nice neighborhood, a realtor went with his partner and found a secret room. He describes the ambience of the secret room, having a foldable chair and one light bulb hanging over it.

Comparing it to torture scene of a “James Bond” movie, he and his partner rushed out and advised everyone to check property history before buying a place.

9. Expecting Others to Pay Their Commission

Weird in the journey to sell house fast, a home owner party was expecting the buyer party to pay their share of commission (seller’s commission as well as buyer’s commission) to the agent. This was bizarre and the buyers did not make a deal.


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