8 House Flaws That Buyers Don’t Like A Bit

8 House Flaws That Buyers Don’t Like A Bit

When you are preparing your house for selling, you never know what can go wrong. There can be flaws in your house which can repel the potential buyers. They can be your deal killers. These flaws might not be important for you, but they are important for the buyers. Since the buyers are about to invest a lot of their money, they will look for the perfect house. You cannot blame them, can you?

If you are thinking of how to sell house fast, you have to be very careful about the improvement and the flaws as well. Here are some of those flaws which can repel potential buyers, and slow down the selling process.

1. Bad Smells in Your Home

Bad odor can really turn off the buyers. You might not even recognize a bad smell in your house, but a foreigner can. It is better that you get a help from your friend who can tell you if there is a bad odor in your house. But to be on the safe side, use air fresheners and take out the trash. Remove anything which can cause a bad odor.

2. Dirty Bathrooms and Kitchen

Most buyers focus on the bathrooms and kitchen. If you have a dirty bathroom and kitchen, the buyers will not be attracted to your house no matter how good it is overall. If you are thinking of how to sell house fast, you have to improve the bathrooms and the kitchen before showing it to anybody.

3. Clutter in Your Home

The clutter in your home can look very dirty. It can be one of the biggest flaws of your house. The clutter can even make your house look smaller and congested then it is.

4. Dark Corners

If you do not have adequate lighting in your house, the buyers will not feel fresh in it. Too many dark corners can seriously repel the buyers. Make sure you install light bulbs wherever necessary to brighten up the rooms.

5. Loud Paint

It is always better to have light and neutral colored walls. Not many people like having dark or loud paints in their house. If you are seriously pondering on how to sell house fast, you have to paint it white or ivory.

6. Untidy Yard and Lawn

An unkempt yard and lawn can give a bad first impression. The potential buyers might not be interested in looking inside the house if the lawn is untidy. Whereas are perfectly trimmed lawn can look very fresh.

7. Wall to Wall Carpeting

It is better that you remove the carpets so that potential buyers can see the floor. Not all people like carpeted houses. You can have rugs in some areas, but do not leave the buyer wondering what the floor looks like. That can be a flaw.

8. Damaged Exterior

The last thing that you want is to have a haunted house! The damaged exterior of your house will not attract anyone. This is the biggest flaw that you have to correct if you want to sell the house faster.


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